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On-Site Consultation

If you’re a contractor wanting to learn more, and find your niche in the insurance claim/ restoration business, this is for you. Learn how to structure your business, build a sales team, identify claim worthy damage, write profitable estimates and more. Click here for more information.

Claim Consulting

Go through the claims process with a professional. We will evaluate, and walk you through each step of the claim. Get informed, and command the respect that you deserve. Click here for more detail.

Estimate Auditing

Are you getting paid properly for your claim? Insurance Adjusters are people too. Sometimes a simple missing line item can make a big difference in a claim. Let us check out your estimate to ensure you get exactly what you deserve from your claim. Click Here to Get Started.

Supplement Estimate Reports

A supplement approval can make the difference between profit and loss. Let us help you with the supplement you need, and the report to justify it. Why leave money on the table? Don’t pay out of pocket for a repair when a proper supplement can cover things correctly. Click Here to Get Your Supplement Started Today.

Contractor Directory

We want to build the best directory of the best Insurance Restoration Contractors. If you’re a contractor, join our FREE directory and get started today.


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